“Talk To Me About The Price”

It’s our 1st anniversary and we’re celebrating with a 2 week special event starting on October 19th at 7.00pm which includes the introduction of 7 established artists into the gallery, a new website ( almost ready ) and an invitation to come in, take a seat on the sofa and have a chat about whatever you like.

To help you secure the piece of art that you like we are  inviting, no we’re actively encouraging you to , “Talk To Me About The Price.” We want everyone to feel comfortable coming into the gallery and what better way than to invite you to talk to us about the one thing we all hesitate to talk about – the price. Let us see if we can make that piece of art even more desirable.

Additionally, one customer will win a painting of their choice up to the value of £500 – absolutely free.

The 7 artists bringing new styles and themes into the gallery are:

John McCombs , Shaun Smyth , Dave Hartley , Anthony Marn , Peter Stanaway , Kevin Haynes and Richard Clare.

If you are an art enthusiast or beginner looking to acquire some of the UK’s most sought-after original paintings for sale look no further than Post Fine Art, one of the UK’s leading providers of L S Lowry artwork. Our gallery is situated in the renovated Post Office in Tadcaster near Leeds and plays host to an impressive display of both new and old artists who have had work impress millions throughout the ages.

We specialise in original British Fine Art paintings and drawings by artists such as LS Lowry, Damien Hirst, Peter Brook, Dorothea Sharp, William Ralph Turner, Braaq, Olivia Pilling, Sue Atkinson and now 7 new ( to the gallery ) artists.

Original Artwork For Sale 

The original artwork for sale provides you with an opportunity to own a wonderful piece of art such as our range of LS Lowry pieces.

As a company, Post Fine Art provides art collection originals from well-renowned artists all over the world.

If you are looking to buy original art online why not browse our artist gallery today and see which artist interests you. We are also supporting fresh new artists such as Martin Reid, Richard Gower and Chub Perkins.

Should you have any questions regarding the artwork for sale, wish to speak with a member of the team or would like to arrange a private viewing, please contact the gallery today on 01937 831062.

Please note – If you have a particular interest in a specific artist, a piece of art or wish to enquire/be notified of upcoming work that is not mentioned on the site, please sign up to our newsletter or contact one of our friendly team directly as sales can often be a quick process.

Post Fine Art