Out Of Gas


Anthony Marn

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Out Of Gas
Dimensions (Width x Height) 16" x 12" inches

Anthony Marn Out Of Gas painting for sale

Anthony’s paintings really shine when seen in full light. The colours are so rich.

Born in Manchester in 1963 and currently living in Delph, Saddleworth is the talented artist, Anthony Marn.

Although art was always an interest to Anthony, it wasn’t till secondary school that he decided to pick up the brush.

Other than taking an O level in art, he is self taught.

In his late twenties, he started to paint again and quickly found an interest in landscapes and citiscapes.  This was no surprise living in the Pennines. He also enjoys figurative work and paints mostly in oils.

Anthony has previously had a number of one man exhibitions, appeared on national television with the BBC and shown his work in the following galleries:

Todmorden Fine Art.

Millyard Galery. Saddleworth.

Mather Gallery,  Rawtenstall.

Harrison Lord Gallery,  Brighouse.

Astley Cheatham Gallery, Tameside.

Stockport  Art Gallery. Stockport.

Gallery Oldham,  Oldham.

His artwork has also appeared in Lancashire and Summerset life magazine.

Anthony Marn Out Of Gas painting for sale and others in the gallery

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