Chub Perkins

A Wet Walk To Work by Chub Perkins

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Artistically trained to further and higher education level Chub stopped painting after leaving University. He then moved in the direction of TV, film and photography. Then, in October 2017 after a 22 year break, he felt the desire to create and began painting once again.

Chub usually uses acrylic on canvas, although he likes to keep an open mind and doesn’t restrict himself to materials. For example he has discovered that old car bonnets make an ideal work surface. He likes to work fast and free, keeping his style loose and expressive. He doesn’t use brushes, preferring instead such found objects as badminton shuttlecocks and kebab skewers. Anything goes really, with the mark making requirements dictating the appropriate tool for the job. He will paint positively anything but one of his favourite themes is capturing subjects illuminated in the half-light at dawn/dusk. That tantalising period when nature’s light is in delicate equilibrium with human-made light; when streetlights and vehicle lights are at a similar intensity to the skyscape.

The interplay between the two he finds truly captivating.

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