John Bratby

Straits Of Gibraltar and other original artwork by John Bratby is for sale at our gallery.

Original John Bratby Paintings for Sale

Our gallery is proud to house a selection of original John Bratby paintings for sale at our base in Tadcaster, York.

Currently, within our stock we have the below;

Dull Sunset Over The Straits of Gibraltar
Straits of Gibraltar

The above artwork is available for private viewings, exhibitions and special events. Should you wish to speak with a member of our team please contact us directly on our contact page.

Who Is John Bratby?

John Randall Bratby was an English artist born on the 19th July 1928 in Wimbledon, London. He was credited as the founder of ‘the kitchen sink realism style’ that involved artwork based on everyday kitchen items such as trash bins, beer bottles and other items found within the home.
This style was incredibly influential throughout the mid-late 50’s.

Over the years John Bratby artwork became lighter and more exuberant resulting in an increase in popularity. This recognition saw a selection of John Bratby paintings and artwork promoted on radio, television and various press outlets.

The Fifties and early sixties were considered Bratby’s best period, so much so that in 1957, he was commissioned to paint pictures for the film ‘The Horse’s Mouth’ based on Joyce Cary’s novel.
Bratby also gained recognition with Bohemian artist hero, Gulley Jimson (played by Alec Guinness).

Collectors, movie stars and even Paul McCartney are all recognised lovers of his artwork making our gallery lucky to own several pieces.

Should you wish to find out more information on John Bratby please visit the John Bratby Wikipedia Page or contact one of our gallery team to arrange a private viewing of all John Bratby paintings for sale.

Our team can be contacted directly on on 07900 261 755 or 07831 417 199.

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Art for Sale by John Bratby

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