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Sometimes You Can See More Clearly In The Dark by Martin Reid

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Sometimes You Can See More Clearly In The Dark by Martin Reid – original charcoal art, hyperrealism Martin Reid

original charcoal art, hyperrealism piece by Martin Reid. Using a large number of special Chinese brushes, Martin creates these hyperrealism images which could be mistaken for photography.

This owl image demonstrates how precise Martin is and also how he is able to achieve such fine details

Another painting Galtur Mountains ( Austria ) – An original oil on glass painting for sale Martin Reid.

Martin Reid is clearly a genius with this new original oil technique which is one of the things we look for at Post Fine Art. We have a range of original Martin Reid paintings for sale and with all stunning pieces, they have to be seen to be appreciated fully. This is oil applied to THE BACK of the glass – so painted in reverse. From the back you can see the lower layers of paint.

Oil is applied to the reverse side of the glass rather than on canvas, the art piece is viewed in a reverse perspective from that it was painted making this an unusual painting.

The application of the oil directly onto the glass gives oil on glass painting for sale Martin Reid  a very crisp and vivid appearance.

Another in the series – Conquer Your Fears –  A stunning  original charcoal hyperrealism painting for sale Martin Reid

It’s actually using Chinese brushes. This quality of work is called hyperrealism where the image resembles a photograph. It takes many hours to build up the layers to create the depth with light and shade. This is quite stunning when seen up close. It doesn’t seem possible that the image has been achieved using something as hard to control as charcoal on a brush.

We have a selection of Martin Reid paintings for sale. One of Britain’s most exciting  emerging artists, Martin Reid has perfected two very unique styles of painting original art. The first uses a traditional Chinese charcoal dry brushing technique. He experimented with the method whilst living in South-East Asia and uses it to produce stunning hyperrealism paintings that are often mistaken for photographs.

Martin’s second style is a technique he has developed himself using oil on the back of glass. He was featured on Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year and received praise from the judges on the vibrancy and depth of colours.

Martin has a diverse background and with a family of four children, who also share his love of painting, is relishing his life as an artist. “Painting has always been a great passion and try to always incorporate an inspirational thought or phrase that has personal meaning at the time of painting. I always love to see people’s reactions when they first see my art”.

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