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Fisherman By Harbour Wall and other original paintings by Noel Coward are for sale with Post Fine Art

Noel Coward paintings for sale

Noël Coward is well known for his plays, music, acting and cabaret, but far less well known for his art or collecting. We have a selection of Noel Coward paintings for sale.

As you might expect, his unseen art is far from boring, featuring bold and vibrant colours, gorgeous blue skies.

The picture of a naked man sunning himself on a bench next to two smiling nuns – entitled What is She Telling Her Beads? – was painted by Coward in Jamaica, his Caribbean home, and is one of 19 of his works that will be sold by Christie’s in March.

“It is risqué in a very English, 1930s way,” said Will Porter, senior director of modern British art at the auction house. “His paintings are great fun … they reflect his sense of humour. There are some very witty works and some slightly risqué pieces.”

Porter said Coward’s own painting was very much a relaxing pastime and he would often give away the finished works as gifts for birthdays and first nights.

He was also a man who knew what he liked in terms of what he hung on his walls. “Generally the theme running through them is one of naivety or a certain primitivism and simplicity.”

Coward also often bought paintings directly from the artists and the collection includes one Seago work, Towards Westminster, which has a dedication on the reverse: “For Noel from Ted 1972.”

The admiration between the two men was mutual. In a letter from Seago to Coward in 1966, the artist wrote: “I’m still very thrilled to think that the man who’s [sic] work I admire far more than anyone else in his art – or several arts for that matter – should profess a liking for my pictures.”

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