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Crossing The Bridge Tadcaster by Olivia Pilling

Olivia Pilling original paintings for sale

We have a selection of Olivia Pilling original paintings for sale.While still a student she had solo and mixed shows in The Midlands, London and the North West.

Olivia Pilling takes her inspiration from the small industrial town landscapes and architecture of the Pennines. She brings together the rolling hills and valleys, the mills and towering chimneys to form natural semi-absract shapes.

She uses acrylic paint on canvas and the vibrant, intense colours applied with spontaneous brush strokes give her pictures a lively and joyful appearance.

The Cenotaph Tadcaster original Olivia Pilling painting for sale

Olivia, using this Art Deco style has created a completely new view of the area. The vibrant colours and angular shapes provide a very interesting painting.

The Cenotaph Tadcaster Olivia Pilling painting for sale

The area around the cenotaph in Tadcaster is extremely pretty. The cenotaph is situated in the centre of an intersection of two small roads. It is near to Riley Smith Hall and opposite Post Fine Art Gallery and the famous Tea Lounge where you can be treated to freshly made home cooked food which always includes scrumptious desserts.

Crossing The Bridge Tadcaster – original painting for sale Olivia Pilling

On February 2017 this magnificent bridge reopened once again and is here captured in a completely new way by Olivia Pilling.

Framed original acrylic on board by Olivia Pilling .

Crossing The Bridge Tadcaster – original painting for sale. Tadcaster Bridge or Wharfe Bridge spans the River Wharfe in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, England. The road bridge is believed to date from around 1700. It is the main route connecting the two sides of the town and one of two road crossings in the town. Despite being a hugely impressive construction Tadcaster Bridge partially collapsed on 29 December 2015 after flooding that followed Storm Eva.

Pilling is quickly gaining a reputation as a growing talent in the North West.

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