Peter Brook

Old Black House in the Highlands and other pieces of artwork by Peter Brook are available at our gallery in Tadcaster.

Original Peter Brook Paintings For Sale

Our team at Post Fine Art are delighted to have an impressive selection of original Peter Brook paintings for sale housed at our base in Tadcaster, York.

Our Peter Brook artwork has attracted collectors all over the world, all looking to own something truly special.

As it currently stands we have ten of Peter’s most sought-after works, all available for private viewings, exhibitions and special events.

The paintings by Peter Brook can be viewed at the bottom of this page or by selecting the paintings below;

Why Buy Peter Brook Paintings?

Peter Brook artwork contains much more than the average painting which is why his work is in such demand.
Each painting, from the title to the artwork was designed to make an observer think, with poetry and humour added for that something extra.

From an investment standpoint a collector cannot go wrong. A buyer will own something to love as well as hold or increase in value over the years.

Peter Brook Biography

Peter Brook was born in Holmfirth in 1927 to farmer parents. He was educated at Goldsmith’s college while studying to become a teacher. At this time Peter attended evening drawing classes and visited art galleries to further develop his love of art.

Peter was quick to develop his own style with a passion for painting rural landscapes, farmhouses and a variety inspirational facets of British life.

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Art for Sale by Peter Brook

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