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Tadcaster is a lovely town surrounded by the best countryside and villages that Yorkshire has to offer. It hosts the now famous Tadcaster Bridge and John Smith’s brewery. Tadcaster Bridge or Wharfe Bridge spans the River Wharfe in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, England. The road bridge is believed to date from around 1700. It is the main route connecting the two sides of the town and one of two road crossings in the town. Despite being a hugely impressive construction Tadcaster Bridge partially collapsed on 29 December 2015 after flooding that followed Storm Eva.

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Interested in a work of art? Have comments on the site?  Whatever you want to say to us at Post Fine Art we would  love to hear from you.

Gallery address : The Old Post Office, 19 Westgate , Tadcaster, LS24 9JB

You can get in touch  by email using the form.

The gallery telephone number is : 01937 831062

To speak to us outside of opening hours please call : 07900 261755 or 07831 417199