Update Your Space With Large Art

Thursday 13th December 2018


We’ve heard on the interior design grapevine that gallery walls are out and standout pieces of investment art are back in. Now that brought a little smile to our faces here at Post Fine Art. Individual art pieces that speak for themselves are a speciality of ours.

Although you may think we are going against the very structure of our gallery walls in Tadcaster, which are covered with paintings by a range of original paintings for sale, we also appreciate that not all art lovers have an endless budget (or that any old piece will work with another).

Instead, we are urging you to consider a different approach in your home! Why not try purchasing one almighty piece that not only draws your eye away from a boring blank wall but also acts as a financial investment for the future?

This is the thing. Purchasing a piece of wall art must be done out of pure love. It should be an investment that puts the largest smile on your face every time you and your guests walk past it – a piece of art that will stay a main focal point in your home for years to come.

Here are a few reasons why you should at least consider buying a large piece of art:

Lowering Stress Levels

As much as an inspirational quote in a handwritten font is nice to read every now and again, it will never conjure up the emotional response that an original piece of carefully chosen art will do. You can go to any social media channel for the sort of affirmation that a quote offers:

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

Sweet, but hardly thought-provoking, nor are they proven to reduce stress levels, unlike art.

According to a recent article in the New York Times, the Journal of Holistic Healthcare discovered that a brief visit to a gallery reduces cortisol levels. There is no reason why the same won’t happen in your home. A small moment to smile to yourself and recall all the reasons why you love that piece of art is going to do exactly the same.

Source: NY Times


It is even proven that the very colour of your walls can have the power to change your mood, for example, light colours give a room a more spacious feel, and dark colours, a more cosy atmosphere. More specifically, the colour blue is supposed to lower blood pressure and slow heart rate, calming you down. Think about what the tone of the colours of your painting could have on both your room and, well, you. FreshHomes.com has a great article about how you can tailor your favourite colour to a room and how it could affect your mood. See the article here.

Positive Emotions

London based photographer, Erik Breede, believes that large pieces of wall art in the corporate world has a massive impact on employee morale and office culture. In one of his blog pieces, he discovered that a 2011 University of London study found that blood flow increases to “joy responses” of the brain by up to 10%. He added:

“If a piece of art is good enough, it can evoke the same strong joyous feelings that someone gets when they look at a loved one.”

Source: www.erikbrede.com

Promotes conversation

We are so distracted by technology these days, especially when we are in the comfort of our own home. But imagine a new visitor coming across and stopping dead in their tracks, all because of the glorious medium of art?

A larger piece, compared to a gallery of smaller pieces, has the ability to make you stop and stare – there’s a reason why stately homes are filled with huge portraits of their owners.

It doesn’t seem to matter if you appreciate art, or even if you don’t like the piece in front of you – your brain will go into overdrive and you will communicate your thoughts through emotion, or even better, through conversation.

You can even start a conversation thanks to the artwork (think awkward dinner party situation). A simple, ‘how does it make you feel?’ will get that conversation started in no time at all.

The same New York article as above talked to the founder of Museum Hack, Nick Gray. His business gives unconventional tours around museums and galleries. He says that he likes to play ‘Buy, Steal, Burn’ to get people talking about art. It would be so much fun asking your houseguests the same question about your piece of art, and how honestly they would respond.

And if you’re still not convinced:

Although the frame cost may be looming at the back of your mind buying one piece rather than say, three is a huge cash saver.
As well as being cheaper, it will help you fight off the worry of cluttering your walls and potentially the room itself.
This is an art form, and may well deliver a message that stays with you always, whether the message is to love or to forgive or perhaps something you have inferred that no one else has.

Post Fine Art Large Wall Pieces

Peter Brooks

As a gentleman born and raised in West Yorkshire by farmers, Peter Brooks knows how to capture a landscape and take you to that moment in seconds. The Chair, which actually diverts you away from wild and brisk Yorkshire landscapes is one of his largest paintings available at our gallery. This fine painting may not take you outdoors, instead opting for what greats you when you return home. Brook was elected as a member of the Royal Society of British Arts in 1962 and has toured widely with his original Peter Brooks paintings.

Ashley Jackson

Another incredible artist that Post Fine Art has the pleasure of facilitating is Ashley Jackson. His “Greenfield Road in Snow,” (30” 23” inches) is possibly the best mood setter one could buy.

Although the scene is empty and desolate with a tormented sky and a river that jars into the landscape, he really communicates the power of nature, despite our technological advances. Jackson strives to tell us that nature is magnificent and how perhaps due to such technological advances this beauty could be lost forever… To have this on your wall could be a reminder of these points and have a life-changing effect on the way you live and how diligent you are to the weakening respect for nature’s beauty.

Ghislaine Howard

Ghislaine Howard deals with the depth of human emotion and how although we all are so different certain things bring us together, for example, family or the love of a child. One of her pieces called, “Mother and Daughter,” spans 24” by 24” inches and would be the perfect piece in the family dining room.

Our gallery would be delighted to offer you further information and advice on our art pieces from original LS Lowry paintings to John Bellany. Please get in touch for more information.